Writing Services

Currently studying for my PhD in Creative Writing and Human Animal Relations, I also hold an MSc in Primate Behaviour and Conservation, a degree in Drama, Culture & Society and qualifications in Psychology. Regularly commissioned for travel, wellbeing and science articles, creative stories, and featured within well known magazines, websites and course providers.

Nutrition & Veganism

Are you looking for support with your diet choices? What to eat when training? What to eat when trying to be healthier? What to eat to avoid animal suffering? I can put together a personal plan that follows your changing needs and brings life into balance. Please note all my advice is from a compassionate outlook - and all vegan. Why? Because the choices we make, decide who we are, and I choose love.


For strength, for flexibility, for open-mindedness, for peace, for rehabilitation, for any reason you need, join a class or contact me as a new personal client. I adapt everything to the needs of the individual so if you are training for a marathon or needing a break from worldy chaos, get in touch! I offer power (or em-power yoga), flow yoga, mindful yoga, meditation services and more. Get in touch for a chat!

What others say...

She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and Summer managed to get me flexible and strong again in the yoga. She pays attention to every person she teaches and supports them during class if they are struggling. She offer the right pace for everyone and is professional and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend yoga with Summer!

Next Steps...

You can contact me on 0755 281 3502, message me via the contact page or follow Studio Earth on Facebook. Your time is now.