My Vision

Is for us to be all that we are, a celebration of ourselves. As a vegan I believe peace is where we should all start from and build. Follow that with passion, adventure, curiosity, strength, love and gratitude and we can live healthy and happy lives.

My Story

I lived some of life with restrictions. Understanding I create my story, steer its direction, and have the power to be all I can, now and in the future, was paramount to me changing my life. What I do is unexpected, as told as a teen I would not be physically strong. I have been a yoga practitioner for over 12 years, run and more (currently training as an on-call fire-fighter). I have no spiritual notions; nature, science and our incredible human capacity for creativity and imagination fuel my adventures.

Meet Some of my Students

Here are some of the people who make me buzz with joy.
They are adventurous and gorgeous humans.


Inspiring and uplifting, exceptionally strong, confident woman and yoga teacher. And still has the best yoga photos!!


Never a dull moment. Tove will pick you up in a moment. Always ready with a smile, wise advice and a glass of wine. A strong woman I very much admire.


Helpful, kind and with incredible determination and spirit. I am proud to have seen Maria grow in so many ways. Always was amazing, but just gets better!


Confident, strong and ready for a challenge. Grab life and make it beautiful. Positive and peaceful, student and friend.


Open to possibilities, adventurous, superbly funny, able to inspire anyone to climb over obstacles and get to the finish line.


It's always the quiet ones who sneak out ahead and pull off the most amazing yoga positions, like they had always lived in them! Anne is full of wonderful surprises.


Shines inside and out. Do you ever know someone who always smiles? I do. A nature as gentle as a river and a heart as big as a mountain.


Physically a force to contend with! Came to yoga from a sports background and took it all on, headfirst!


 A dedicated and competent student, will try anything and give it everything. As with all, another I am grateful to have connected with.

Next Steps...

You can contact me on 0755 281 3502, message me via the contact page or follow Studio Earth on Facebook. Your time is now.